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Release process: add tip

When the RM lands here, it's easy to despair, especially if their Internet
connection is poor. For example, today I was not thrilled at the idea of
uploading 11 GB of data to an Onion service. But actually it's very fast in the
case at hand, so let's tell the RM there's still hope.
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......@@ -1039,6 +1039,10 @@ Else, if this verification fails, then:
Else, if the parameters where correct, then follow the next steps.
3. Leave the IUKs built by Jenkins in `rsync.lizard:/srv/tmp`: at least in some
cases, this will speed up uploading your own IUKs later by a 500+ factor,
thanks to `rsync --partial --inplace`.
3. File an issue about this problem.
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