Commit 8eff9d0c authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Test suite: adjust Dogtail lookup for Tor Browser 8 (refs: #15720).

parent 234787cb
......@@ -103,8 +103,13 @@ Then /^the support documentation page opens in Tor Browser$/ do
expected_heading = 'Search the documentation'
step "\"#{expected_title}\" has loaded in the Tor Browser"
if @language == 'German'
browser_name = 'Tor-Browser'
browser_name = 'Tor Browser'
headings = @torbrowser
.child(expected_title, roleName: 'document frame')
.child(expected_title + " - #{browser_name}", roleName: 'frame')
.children(roleName: 'heading')
headings.any? { |heading| heading.text == expected_heading }
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