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Drop prefs that are obsolete with Enigmail 2.x.

Enigmail commit d2a0c88d21a5e4f7ca76e7a1e9e50345e973da70 (part of 2.0~beta1 and
newer) renamed the pref and removed all usage of the old one.

On the Torbirdy front nothing happened yet to adjust to this change; let's
assume that they'll do s/protectHeaders/protectedHeaders/ too and turn the pref
into an integer (1: default: ask user at 1st time use / 0: off / 2: on) as well.
When we'll upgrade Torbirdy I'll check this (refs: #15661).
parent f8b360e3
......@@ -56,7 +56,5 @@ pref("mailnews.auto_config.dns_mx_lookup.enabled", false);
// We disable Memory Hole for encrypted email until support is more
// mature and widely spread (#15201).
pref("extensions.enigmail.protectHeaders", false);
pref("extensions.enigmail.protectedHeaders", 0);
pref("extensions.torbirdy.custom.extensions.enigmail.protectHeaders", false);
pref("extensions.torbirdy.custom.extensions.enigmail.protectedHeaders", 0);
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