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Cris is based in the United States

They can't be living in Mexico and traveling to Mexico at the same time.
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......@@ -355,12 +355,11 @@ developed by SecondMuse):
- **Background**
- Cris is Mexican refugee based in the United States.
- Cris is an investigative journalist doing high stake reporting on
the government, and in particular some members of the government who
are involved in corruption, drug and human trafficking.
- Cris lives in Mexico and reports on the mafia and drug related
corruption of politicians.
- Cris is visiting the country to interview locals and needs to get
the government, the mafia, and drug related trafficking and
- Cris is visiting Mexico to interview locals and needs to get
out of the country with the collected information and media safely.
- Cris needs to communicate with journalistic partners and sources and
to protect these communications as well as the identity of Cris'
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