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Move blueprint bits about downloads directory to the design doc in the topic branch.

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User experience matters
Downloading files
No good way exists (yet) to let the user choose a specific file to
upload, or download directory, each time they want to do that (this is
work-in-progress in AppArmor upstream, with a mediation layer between
applications, the GTK file chooser and the filesystem -- some day we
can solve this problem in better ways, but we're not there yet).
So, once we confine Tor Browser with AppArmor in Tails 1.3:
* either we allow the Tor Browser to read and write everywhere in
the home and persistent directory: would entirely defeat the purpose
of confining it in the first place, so that's a no-no;
* or, we allow the Tor Browser to read/write files from/to one
specific directory (e.g. `/home/amnesia/Downloads/`).
I see no better solution than the latter, so the following assumes
that we'll go with it. So, a first question is: what name should this
directory have? (Wait, other constraints about this are exposed
Now, let's say we have a downloads/uploads directory that's shared
between the Tor Browser, the file browser, and all non-confined
applications. We have a usability issue: the space available in that
directory is limited by the free system memory (RAM). So in practice,
if one starts downloading a large file in there, worst case the
download will fail at some point during the download, best case the
browser will tell the user that there's not enough space available
there before they are allowed to confirm the destination directory for
the download.
[Side-note: I believe we have no simple mean to adjust the browser's
behaviour in this area, at least not on the short term, so I've not
checked how exactly it behaves right now — perhaps that would be
a good research project on the long term, but on the other hand on the
long term we'll have even better solutions showing up, as explained
above, so IMO this shouldn't block confining the Tor Browser
in Tails.]
The obvious (and easiest to implement) solution to this would be to
add a persistence setting for `~/Downloads/` (called "Browser
Downloads", subtitled "Downloads from the Tor Browser", akin to the
"Browser Bookmarks" we already have), and to add a GNOME bookmark
called "Downloads" when the Downloads persistence feature is enabled.
However, having downloads be either always amnesiac or always
persistent (unless you restart or do stuff outside of the browser)
seems like a regression, since it breaks one of the core Tails
properties. And forcing it to be a persistent folder by default
actually has security issues since secure deletion don't work as
expected on flash memory. So, users should still have the option to
download either to an amnesiac (by default) or persistent place, like
it is the case now.
So we give Tor Browser access to:
* `~/Tor Browser` (that would be amnesiac, as everything else in
Tails by default)
* `~/Persistent/Tor Browser` (that would be persistent, and only
created when `~/Persistent/` is made persistent)
Note that we don't call them "Downloads", because e.g. if someone
writes an ODT text and wants to upload it, having to move it to
a folder called "Downloads" sounds really weird.
Until the `feature/5525-sandbox-web-browser` branch is merged, see the
"User experience matters" section on
Later, see [[contribute/design/application_isolation#ux]].
Remaining questions:
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