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......@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@ Check if the bug is already known
Have a look at:
- the [[list of known issues|support/known_issues]]
- the [[!tails_redmine desc="list of things to do"]]
- the [list of things that will be fixed or improved in the next release](
<a id="useful_bug_report"></a>
......@@ -107,8 +106,8 @@ notification: <span class="guilabel">Your message has been sent</span>.
<a id="special_cases"></a>
Special cases
If you cannot use <span class="application">WhisperBack</span>
You might not always be able to use WhisperBack. In those cases, you can also
send your bug report by [[email|support/talk]] directly.
......@@ -143,3 +142,23 @@ our installation instructions on:
- [[Starting a PC on a USB|install/debian/usb#start-tails]]
- [[Starting a Mac on a USB|install/mac/usb#start-intermediary]]
- [[Starting a Mac on a DVD|install/mac/dvd#start-dvd]]
<a id="debian"></a>
Reproducing the bug in Debian
It is very useful for us to know if your bug only affects Tails or also
affects Debian, on which Tails is based.
You can:
1. Download the [latest version of Debian (testing)]( (2.5 GB).
1. Install Debian on a USB stick using <span class="application">GNOME
Disks</span>. To do so, you can follow our instructions to [[Install an
intermediary Tails|install/linux/usb#install-intermediary]] from
1. Try to reproduce your bug and tell us about the results in your
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