Commit 8d3aa842 authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Test suite: fix comment that explains why we get no logs in this case.

parent c555ef0d
......@@ -75,7 +75,11 @@ Feature: Browsing the web using the Tor Browser
When I open the address "file:///home/amnesia/.gnupg/synaptic.html" in the Tor Browser
Then AppArmor has denied "/usr/local/lib/tor-browser/firefox" from opening "/home/amnesia/.gnupg/synaptic.html" after at most 10 seconds
# We do not get any AppArmor log for when access to files in /tmp is denied
# since we use user-tmp abstration.
# since we explictly override (commit 51c0060) the rules (from the user-tmp
# abstration) that would otherwise allow it, and we do so with "deny", which
# also specifies "noaudit". We could explicitly specify "audit deny" and
# then have logs, but it could be a problem when we set up desktop
# notifications for AppArmor denials (#9337).
When I open the address "file:///tmp/synaptic.html" in the Tor Browser
And I do not see "TorBrowserSynapticManual.png" after at most 10 seconds
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