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Wait for upgrades to be checked before starting the web browser.

Else, we're just reproducing the low-memory failure mode we already know about,
that we've workaround'ed in Tails 0.22.1 by not starting the web
browser anymore.
parent caf6027d
......@@ -14,10 +14,10 @@ Feature: Browsing the web using Iceweasel
And I have a network connection
And Tor has built a circuit
And the time has synced
And available upgrades have been checked
And I run "iceweasel"
And Iceweasel has started and is not loading a web page
And I have closed all annoying notifications
And available upgrades have been checked
And I save the state so the background can be restored next scenario
Scenario: Opening in Iceweasel shows the green onion and the congratulations message
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