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Consistency with other links around.

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......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ There are many ways <strong>you</strong> can contribute to Tails:
<li>[[Setup a BitTorrent or HTTP mirror|contribute/how/mirror]]</li>
<li>[[Help other Tails users|contribute/how/help]]</li>
<li>[[Improve documentation|contribute/how/documentation]]</li>
<li>[[Reporting Bugs|doc/first_steps/bug_reporting]]</li>
<li>[[Report bugs|doc/first_steps/bug_reporting]]</li>
<li>[[Spread the word|contribute/how/promote]]</li>
<li>[[Fix a bug|contribute/how/code]]</li>
<li>[[Implement a new feature|contribute/how/code]]</li>
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