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Recall the different between temporary and final once in Tails (#10635)

Once in Tails on the temporary one, people might wonder why the need to
install it again as it's "working" already. So let's recall why once
we're on the temporary desktop.
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......@@ -110,6 +110,10 @@ list on the bottom left of the screen. Click <span class="button">Login</span>.
<p class="usb">The most difficult part is over! Now grab your second USB stick as it is time to
install the final Tails on it.</p>
<p class="usb">It is important to install the final Tails as it allows
you to store your documents and configuration on the USB stick and
benefit from automatic security upgrades.</p>
<p class="clone dvd">This was a first but important step! Now grab the <span class="clone">new</span> USB stick
on which you want to install Tails.</p>
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