Commit 8751a1ea authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri

auto/config: quote string.

Let's play it safe, at the cost of very minor code duplication.
parent 6507db09
......@@ -103,11 +103,10 @@ $RUN_LB_CONFIG --distribution stretch ${@}
# set up everything for time-based snapshots:
if [ -n "${APT_SNAPSHOT_SERIALS:-}" ]; then
echo "Fixing 'latest' APT snapshots serials to: ${APT_SNAPSHOT_SERIALS}."
apt-snapshots-serials prepare-build "${APT_SNAPSHOT_SERIALS}"
apt-snapshots-serials prepare-build
apt-snapshots-serials prepare-build $APT_SNAPSHOT_SERIALS_PB_ARGS
DEBIAN_MIRROR="$(apt-mirror debian)"
DEBIAN_SECURITY_MIRROR="$(apt-mirror debian-security)"
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