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Deal with XMPP servers that forces Pidgin's "Create New Chat" prompt.

parent 57d836f6
......@@ -150,8 +150,33 @@ When /^I join some empty multi-user chat$/ do
@chat_room_jid = chat_room + "@" + conference_server"PidginJoinChatButton.png")
# This will both make sure that the we joined the chat since the
# chat window openend, and that it is empty.
# The following will both make sure that the we joined the chat, and
# that it is empty. We'll also deal with the *potential* "Create New
# Room" prompt that Pidgin shows for some server configurations.
images = ["PidginCreateNewRoomPrompt.png",
image_found = nil
try_for(30, :msg => "Expected either the chatroom window or a prompt " +
"for creating a new chat room, but got neither") do
for image in images
image_found = image
# Ignore, since try_for otherwise will start the block from
# the beginning, so we don't loop beyond the first element.
# For-loops return nil, which would make the try_for always try
# until it fails, so we have to do a "check" here to determine if
# we've found the image.
image_found != nil
if image_found == "PidginCreateNewRoomPrompt.png""PidginCreateNewRoomAcceptDefaultsButton.png")
@screen.wait("PidginChat1UserInRoom.png", 10)
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