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Start updating changelog for 3.0~rc1.

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tails (3.0~rc1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
* Dummy entry for next release.
* Major changes
- Install Thunderbird 1:45.8.0-3+tails2 and handle the Icedove Thunderbird
migration, including wrt. persistent data (Closes: #11712, #12242).
This package also has the patch from applied,
to ease future integration of the Thunderbird AppArmor profile.
Also, drop the Claws Icedove migration path.
- Upgrade to a new snapshot of the Debian and Torproject
APT repositories: 2017051803 (Closes: #12554).
- Upgrade Linux packages to the Debian kernel 4.9.0-3, based on
mainline Linux 4.9.25.
- Replace the kexec-based memory erasure feature with the Linux kernel's
memory poisoning (Closes: #12354, #12428). The kexec-based implementation
was not reliable enough and provided a poor UX. Instead, we now return
to the initramfs on shutdown and unmount all filesystems there, so their
content and corresponding caches are erased.
-- Tails developers <> Wed, 19 Apr 2017 14:44:23 +0000
* Minor improvements
- Add a HACKING document for new code contributors.
- Rename tor-controlport-filter to onion-grater.
- Improve onion-grater; thanks to Joy SN <>
for the original patches (Closes: #12173):
· add --listen-interface
· make stdout/stderr unbuffered to ensure Python exceptions are logged
· use yaml.safe_load()
- Improve KeePassX database migration handling (refs: #12375).
- Electrum: set coin selection strategy to 'Privacy' (Closes: #12177).
- Allow Onion Circuits to access /proc/pid/status.
- Make gdm-shell-tails.desktop more similar to the one shipped
in gnome-shell 3.22.3-3 (refs: #12364).
- Greeter: have the help window point to updated documentation,
use WebKit2 instead of the deprecated WebKit, and hide the sidebar
and banner.
- Use exec to start KeePassX, i.e. avoid leaving the wrapper running.
* Bugfixes
- Install xserver-xorg-legacy, to fix support for various graphics
adapters that still don't work with rootless X.Org (Closes: #12542).
- Use the "intel" X.Org driver for Intel Q35 and Intel Atom
D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx graphics controllers (refs: #12219).
- Give UEFI bootloaders upper-case filenames (Closes: #12511).
Some UEFI firmware, such as the one in the ThinkPad X220, only recognize
them if they have an upper-case name.
- KeePassX: enable "Automatically save after each change" again,
like we did in Tails 2.x (fixes a regression introduced
in 3.0~beta3).
- Install packages needed by the "Test speakers" functionality
(Closes: #12549).
* Test suite
- Check that dirmngr used the configured keyserver (Closes: #12371).
- Sanity check that Chutney starts all nodes in the network.
- Disable the Sandbox option for all nodes, until Tor#21943
is fixed (Closes: #12512).
- Wait for the desktop icons to be displayed in the "Tails desktop is ready"
step. Let's not try interacting with the desktop earlier.
- Add tests for memory erasure on "normal" shutdown (refs: #12428).
- Add tests for memory erasure on "emergency" shutdown, and run some
with network enabled (refs: #12354).
- Have eject_cdrom run eject(1) like it used to do in the past.
Otherwise the machine is immediately halted and we cannot test
whether memory has been erased.
- Pass mount_USB_drive structured data instead of free-form text.
* Build system
- Generate the Vagrant base box locally as part of the build process,
instead of downloading it: one less binary blob as input in the build
process (refs: #12409).
- Use Vagrant for builds on Jenkins too (Closes: #11972).
- Tell build script to be more verbose.
- Respect the 'ARTIFACTS' environment variable if set.
- Add a second disk to handle the apt-cacher-ng cache, and store
the corresponding logs in there (Closes: #11979).
- Use APT snapshots in Vagrant build VMs, create/use a basebox that matches
the branch/tag/commit being tested, and provision a new VM for each build
(Closes: #11980, #11981).
- Ship all build dependencies in the Vagrant basebox, to save some
time when building ISOs.
- Make basebox generation compatible with both GnuPG 1.x and 2.x.
- Set LC_ALL=C, mostly to suppress some warnings.
- Support forcing VM cleanup before/after build.
- Add tasks for cleaning up old or all base boxes (refs: #12409).
- Add build option useful for debugging build failures.
- Remove obsolete build options.
- Make auto/scripts/ more reusable, use it in Rakefile,
auto/build and setup-tails-builder.
- Add an option controlling whether to merge the base branch.
- Add "rake test" target and import logics from puppet-tails'
wrap_test_suite script.
- Build Tails as a release simply when HEAD is tagged, i.e. we do not
require building from a detached head any more.
- Sanity check compression choice when building a release.
- Use the host's resolv.conf when building the Vagrant base box.
Since systemd-networkd is used to manage resolv.conf inside the base box,
and it hasn't been initialized yet (we are not booting it, just chrooting
into it) DNS is broken otherwise.
- Release process: "release" a new base box when freezing.
- Chown/scp artifacts with a single command to limit overhead and warnings
noise caused by repeated SSH calls.
* Fix automatic upgrades when one is already applied (refs: #12501).
This fixes the detection of stacked SquashFS via aufs by bilibop, as reported on Cherry-picked from upstream Git, will be in
bilibop 0.5.3 (and perhaps if such a thing is released for Stretch).
-- Tails developers <> Fri, 19 May 2017 15:15:30 +0000
tails (3.0~beta4) unstable; urgency=medium
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