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Remove a DAVE test that seems invalid to me (refs: #12005).

The page that's being used for this
test ( is DAVE-enabled. It doesn't
display any link to the ISO, and DAVE picks a mirror itself, so that should work
regardless of JavaScript settings. So I'm not surprised that we've been reported
several time that this test doesn't pass :)
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......@@ -310,9 +310,8 @@ You *really* have to reboot between each language.
* Visit <> in a Firefox-based
browser. Verify that you can install the Firefox Addon. Start
downloading a Tails image and copy the used mirror URL.
- The URL should only start with if Javascript
is disabled in your browser (requires a restart!). Otherwise it should
contain a mirror URL from <>
- The URL should contain a mirror URL from
- Verify that pausing and resuming the download from this URL works.
- Verify that when you start the download, you can see it appear in
the download list (Ctrl+Shift+Y).
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