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......@@ -94,8 +94,8 @@ Check the output for:
non-anonymizing SMTP relay. Then check that email's headers once
received, especially the `Received:` and `Message-ID:` ones.
* Also check that the EHLO/HELO SMTP message is not leaking anything
with a packet sniffer: Start claws with: `torify claws-mail` (which
the panel icon does in post-0.8.1 devel branch) to
with a packet sniffer: start Claws using the panel icon (which runs
`torify claws-mail`) to
avoid using the transparent proxy (which will confuse tcpdump).
Disable SSL/TLS for SMTP in Claws (so take precautions for not
leaking your password in plaintext by either changing it temporarily
......@@ -172,4 +172,4 @@ steps that are worth [[a dedicated page|test/erase_memory_on_shutdown]].
language. The virtual keyboard must work and be auto-configured to
use the same keyboard layout as the X session.
* Try to start with the `truecrypt` option on boot, see if it can be found in
the Application -> Accessories menu and that it runs correctly
the *Applications* → *Accessories* menu and that it runs correctly.
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