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2018-09 report: add my bits.

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......@@ -28,6 +28,19 @@ XXX: If you feel like it and developers don't do it themselves,
Release section (for example, the changes being worked on for
the next version).
- We successfully collaborated with the _Tor Browser_ team to fix
a severe issue with _Tor Browser_ 8.0 in Tails, that was discovered
shortly before the Tails 3.9 release. Thanks a lot for everyone
who helped!
- We fixed a number of regressions that were introduced in Tails 3.9, such as:
- Fix the update of *Additional Software*. ([[!tails_ticket 15978]])
- Fix opening VeraCrypt file containers using the **Open With Unlock VeraCrypt
Volumes** of *GNOME Files*. ([[!tails_ticket 15954]])
- Fix the display of the **General** tab in the preferences of *Tor Browser*.
([[!tails_ticket 15917]])
- Fix displaying the help of *GNOME Videos*. ([[!tails_ticket 15841]])
Documentation and website
......@@ -66,6 +79,34 @@ XXX: Report only if more scenarios have been written and add the diff from the p
- Our test suite covers SCENARIOS scenarios, DIFF more that in May.
- We started planning the migration of our Redmine to [[!tails_ticket
15918 desc="a different hostname"]] and [[!tails_ticket 15919
desc="a new VM"]].
- We wrote a number of automated tests to ensure we notice important
regressions in the _VeraCrypt_ support introduced in Tails 3.9.
- We completed our [[!tails_ticket 14585 desc="investigation"]] of
Dogtail's long-term viability. Our conclusion is that we can keep
using it, should start contributing to the maintenance of the
package in Debian, but invest as little as possible into Dogtail
for now as our long-term concerns are not fully addressed.
- We investigated what prevented us from giving more Tails developers
access to our Jenkins CI platform so far. We've identified
a [[!tails_ticket 11344 desc="few"]] [[!tails_ticket 15981
desc="blockers"]], resolved them, and started giving such access
more liberally, which should make Tails development work more
pleasurable and efficient for a few more people.
- The Tails sysadmin team discussed hiring a new team member, the
profile of the person we will be looking for, and how we could share
our work with them.
- We made great progress towards [[!tails_ticket 14588 desc="hosting
our website on our own infrastructure"]]. The final steps and migration
should happen by the end of the year.
......@@ -83,6 +124,8 @@ Outreach
Past events
- A few of us attended the Tor meeting in Mexico City.
Upcoming events
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