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Remove solved issue (#10576, #17837)

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......@@ -620,21 +620,6 @@ execute the following command in a terminal:
`sudo chown root:root /live/persistence/TailsData_unlocked`
<a id="restart-shell"></a>
## Icons and information located on the top right corner of the screen disappeared
Sometimes, some of the icons located on the top right corner of the
screen are not displayed entirely, or at all. For example,
the icon that allows to change to another keyboard layout
may be hidden. Other information, such as the clock, may not
be visible.
Press <span class="keycap">Alt+F2</span> and type `r` to restart GNOME
Shell, which often solves this problem.
See [[!tails_ticket 10576]] for more details.
Some languages do not have the correct keyboard layout set by default
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