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Tails issues are managed in [[!tails_gitlab "" desc="GitLab"]].
If you need to do something in GitLab and you appear to lack the
needed credentials, please ask [[|about/contact#tails-sysadmins]] to give you
more power.
This page focuses on aspects of GitLab usage that are specific to Tails.
For general GitLab usage information, see the [GitLab user documentation]
[[!toc levels=2]]
Some documentation about how we are using GitLab is available in the
[[contribute/working_together]] pages. See also the [[review and merge
process|contribute/merge_policy/review]] documentation.
# Getting started
XXX: create account
[[!toc levels=2]]
Later on, if you need to do something in GitLab and you appear to lack the
needed credentials, please ask
[[|about/contact#tails-sysadmins]] to give you
more power.
<a id="metadata"></a>
# How we use GitLab metadata
......@@ -17,8 +21,7 @@ process|contribute/merge_policy/review]] documentation.
On GitLab, issues and merge requests have metadata.
Being consistent in the use of GitLab metadata makes collective work
smoother. See [[document progress|contribute/working_together/document_progress]]
for more on this topic.
## Title and description
......@@ -207,19 +210,20 @@ If your team regularly manipulates confidential data, then its issues live under
its own GitLab project, with a different set of members, and possibly configured
so that new issues are confidential by default.
## See also
# How to document progress
See [[contribute/working_together/document_progress]].
See also the [GitLab doc on
# How to request and provide input
# Requesting input from someone else
## Requesting input from someone else
If you want to work on an issue but you need some input from someone
else, ask your question on a comment on the issue, mentioning them
with their GitLab login name: `@nick`. GitLab will send them
an email notification about it and add it to their To-Do list.
# Acting upon input requests
## Acting upon input requests
It's important to provide requested information as quickly as you can,
to make the Tails contribution process more efficient and enjoyable.
......@@ -239,6 +243,10 @@ immediately, you're responsible for keeping track of this task, for example via
the To-Do list, or by creating a new issue assigned to yourself, or using
whatever personal organization tools work for you.
# How to submit and review merge requests
See the [[contribute/merge_policy]].
# Email interface
Using the email address registered with your GitLab account,
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