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Add a few tests.

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......@@ -36,6 +36,8 @@ Check the output for:
- <>
* does the exposed User-Agent match the generic Torbutton's one?
(connect to a website you can check the access logs for)
* Browsing (by IP) a HTTP/HTTPS server on the LAN should be possible.
* Browsing (by IP) a FTP server on the LAN should be possible.
* Entering `about:plugins` in the location bar should say no plugin is
......@@ -220,3 +222,7 @@ steps that are worth [[a dedicated page|test/erase_memory_on_shutdown]].
use the same keyboard layout as the X session.
* Try to start with the `truecrypt` option on boot, see if it can be found in
the *Applications* → *Accessories* menu and that it runs correctly.
* Connecting over SSH to a server on the Internet should work (and
appear in Vidalia's connections list).
* Connecting (by IP) over SSH to a server on the LAN should work.
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