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......@@ -152,145 +152,3 @@ Research questions
- How shall we prioritize our future plans?
- What is missing the most in Tails?
This would help us build a better roadmap.
Survey questions
- **In which region of the world do you use Tails the most?**
Single choice:
* North America
* Latin America and the Caribbeans
* Western, Northern, and Southern Europe
* Eastern Europe and Central Asia
* Middle-East and North Africa
* Western, Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa
* South Asia
* East and Southeast Asia
* Oceania
- **Other than Tails, which of the following operating systems do you use the most?** (`*`)
Single choice:
- Windows
- macOS
- Linux
- **Which of the following tasks are the most important to you when using Tails?** (`*`)
Pick n/10:
* Chat on IRC
* Chat on XMPP/Jabber
* Read and write email in Tor Browser
* Read and write emails using Thunderbird
* Read Atom and RSS feeds using Thunderbird
* Share file using OnionShare
* Exchange bitcoins using Electrum
* Use encrypted storage devices other than the Persistent Storage
* Encrypt and decrypt PGP messages using Thunderbird
* Encrypt and decrypt PGP messages outside of Thunderbird
* Delete files securely
* Manage passwords using KeePassXC
* Create or edit office documents
* Create or edit images
* Create or edit audio files
* Create or edit video
* Print documents on paper
* Access the internal hard disk of the computer
* Publish content on the web anonymously
* Connect to remote servers using SSH
* Use somebody else's computer
* Avoid viruses and spyware on my own computer
* Store sensitive documents in the Persistent Storage
* Clean metadata on images, video, or document
* Use the command line
* Change the security level of Tor Browser
* Check the circuit view of Tor Browser
* Clone the current Tails to another USB stick using Tails Installer
* Other: Short free text
* Use Tor bridges or pluggable transports
* Manage a social media account or a blog under a different identity (but not anonymously)
* Participate in online communities (forums, chat, etc.) anonymously or under a different identity
* Use the Unsafe Browser to log in to a captive portal
- **What are your main reasons to use Tails?**
Single choice:
A. I want to hide information about myself
B. I want to communicate and collaborate securely
C. I want to store information safely
D. I want to leave no trace on the computer
E. I want information to be free
F. I don't want my data to be gathered by corporations and governments
→ Access or publish sensitive or censored information (Riou)
Access censored information online
Publish sensitive information
Access sensitive information
Store, edit, and anonymize sensitive data
→ Hide information to people around me (Kim)
Hide information from their family
Hide their identity
Avoid raising suspicion
I want to keep information secret from my family and close people
I don't want to raise suspicion
→ Avoid government and corporate mass surveillance online (Derya)
I just want more privacy
I want to keep information secret from my government
Avoid corporate and government surveillance
→ Communicate or collaborate with others (Cris)
Work with others who are surveilled or at risk
Communicate with known and unknown peers
Share and work on documents with others
I want to communicate with others who are under surveillance
→ Have a more secure computer
Use a computer that is not mine
Use an untrusted computer
I need to use a computer that is not mine
I want to access sensitive information stealthily
I want to hide my identity
I want to hide my location
I want to communicate securely with known peers
I want to communicate securely with unknown peers
We want to share and work on documents privately
I need to safely store my data
I want to edit or anonymize my data
→ Don't
Help others access censored information
Understand people using privacy tools
I want to understand people using Tails
- **New features**
- **Overall, how difficult or easy is it for you to use Tails?**
[Single Ease Question](
- **What one thing would you improve in Tails?**
Short text:
- **What one things would you improve on our website?**
Short text:
- [MeasuringU: How to Conduct a Top Task Analysis](
- [MeasuringU: 12 Tips For Writing Better Survey Questions](
- [MeasuringU: 10 Tips For Your Next Survey](
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