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Release process: clarify valid, expected results (Closes: #16581)

When preparing a bugfix release, or when one has correctly resolved
merged conflicts in the previous step, this operation is a no-op.
That's fine. But let's keep it around as a fail-safe, in case
a mistake was made during the merge conflict resolution previously.
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......@@ -278,7 +278,8 @@ Update other base branches
2. [[Thaw|APT_repository/time-based_snapshots#thaw]], on the devel
branch, the time-based APT repository snapshots that were used
during the freeze.
during the freeze. It's fine if that results in a no-op
(it depends on how exactly previous operations were performed).
3. Merge `devel` into `feature/buster`, *without* following the instructions for
[[merging base branches|APT_repository/custom#workflow-merge-main-branch]].
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