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[[!meta title="Translate Tails into Chinese"]]
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# How to join the Chinese translation team?
New contributors should first subscribe to the [[mailing list for
translators|]] and
introduce themselves to the Chinese team on the list.
We currently work in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese and use
`opencc` to convert our work between the two writing systems.
# How to translate into Chinese
An introduction on how to translate can be found on jxtai's blog,
written in traditional Chinese
# What can be translated
* **This website** must be translated in the `master` branch of the
[main Tails Git repository](
Please read the documentation about [[translating with
Git|translate/with_Git]] first.
* Website [core pages to
* The Chinese team does not use Git to **translate Tails custom programs**.
Instead, and for this part only, we rely on [[Transifex|translate/with_Transifex]].
# Glossaries used by the Chinese translation team
The Chinese team uses [Torproject's
# Contributors' repositories
* jxtsai: [[]] (traditional Chinese)
* psychi: [[]] (simplified
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