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## B.3 Write automated tests
Almost all of the Gherkin scenarios written in the first phase
([[!tails_ticket 14576]]) are implemented and are running smoothly on our
Almost all of the Gherkin scenarios written until now
([[!tails_ticket 14576]]) are running smoothly on our
Jenkins instance.
While working on [[!tails_ticket 14596]] the test suite has exposed bugs in
the Additional Sofware code that were fixed meanwhile.
We're still discussing if it's worth adding one or two small scenarios
[[!tails_ticket #14576#note-13]], as well as how some of the notifications
can be adapted to be robustly detected by the test suite or not
([[!tails_ticket 14594#note-48]]).
There's still one more complicated scenario left to be written, to test
against the regresion of a bug in offline mode that was fixed while working
on [[!tails_ticket 14572]].
These tests already helped us identify and fix bugs in
the feature.
## B.4 Implement backend and GUI
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