Commit 81cbfa4e authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri
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Fix some of the places where the Unsafe Browser displayed name was "Tor Browser" (refs: #15708).

This does not address the main problem (the name of the app in the taskbar)
but it's a start.
parent 299d1974
......@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ set_chroot_browser_name () {
# Surprisingly, the default locale is en, not en-US
sed -i "s/<"'!'"ENTITY\s\+brand\(Full\|Short\)Name.*$/<"'!'"ENTITY brand\1Name \"${human_readable_name}\">/" "${torbutton_locale_dir}/brand.dtd"
sed -i "s/<"'!'"ENTITY\s\+brand\(Full\|Short\|Shorter\)Name.*$/<"'!'"ENTITY brand\1Name \"${human_readable_name}\">/" "${torbutton_locale_dir}/brand.dtd"
# Since Torbutton decides the name, we don't have to mess with
# with the browser's own branding, which will save time and
# memory.
......@@ -199,9 +199,13 @@ set_chroot_browser_name () {
local tmp="$(mktemp -d)"
local branding="${top}/${rest}/branding/brand.dtd"
7z x -o"${tmp}" "${pack}" "${branding}"
sed -i "s/<"'!'"ENTITY\s\+brand\(Full\|Short\)Name.*$/<"'!'"ENTITY brand\1Name \"${human_readable_name}\">/" "${tmp}/${branding}"
local branding_dtd="${top}/${rest}/branding/brand.dtd"
local branding_properties="${top}/${rest}/branding/"
7z x -o"${tmp}" "${pack}" "${branding_dtd}" "${branding_properties}"
sed -i "s/<"'!'"ENTITY\s\+brand\(Full\|Short\|Shorter\)Name.*$/<"'!'"ENTITY brand\1Name \"${human_readable_name}\">/" "${tmp}/${branding_dtd}"
perl -pi -E \
's/^(brand(?:Full|Short|Shorter)Name=).*$/$1'"${human_readable_name}/" \
(cd ${tmp} ; 7z u -tzip "${pack}" .)
chmod a+r "${pack}"
rm -Rf "${tmp}"
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