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Release process: only copy relevant UDF to test channel.

In our manual test suite we only test upgrading from the previous
stable release, so the other UDFs are never used, so it's just a
strain on the RM's hands, having to re-type their OpenPGP smartcard
passphrase many times.
parent b96470ea
......@@ -1153,24 +1153,22 @@ Prepare upgrade-description files
git commit -m "Update upgrade-description files." && \
git push origin ${WEBSITE_RELEASE_BRANCH:?}
1. Copy the generated UDFs for the previous releases to the *test*
1. Copy the generated UDF for the previous stable release to the *test*
channel in `$MASTER_CHECKOUT`, modify their content accordingly,
sign them, commit and push:
cd ${MASTER_CHECKOUT:?} && \
git fetch && \
git merge origin/master && \
for old_version in $(echo ${IUK_SOURCE_VERSIONS:?} ${VERSION:?}); do
release_udf="wiki/src/upgrade/v2/Tails/${old_version:?}/amd64/${DIST:?}/upgrades.yml" && \
test_udf="wiki/src/upgrade/v2/Tails/${old_version:?}/amd64/test/upgrades.yml" && \
release_udf="wiki/src/upgrade/v2/Tails/${PREVIOUS_STABLE_VERSION:?}/amd64/${DIST:?}/upgrades.yml" && \
test_udf="wiki/src/upgrade/v2/Tails/${PREVIOUS_STABLE_VERSION:?}/amd64/test/upgrades.yml" && \
mkdir -p "$(dirname "$test_udf")" && \
git show origin/${WEBSITE_RELEASE_BRANCH:?}:${release_udf:?} \
| sed -e "s/channel: ${DIST:?}/channel: test/" > ${test_udf:?} && \
echo "Signing ${test_udf:?}" && \
gpg -u "${TAILS_SIGNATURE_KEY:?}" --armor --detach-sign ${test_udf:?} && \
mv ${test_udf:?}.asc ${test_udf:?}.pgp && \
git add ${test_udf:?}* ; \
done && \
git add ${test_udf:?}* && \
git commit -m "Add incremental upgrades on the test channel for Tails ${VERSION:?}" && \
git push origin master:master
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