Commit 80d3adcb authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri

Merge branch 'test/unsafebrowser-farsi-l10n' into 'stable'

Fix Unsafe Browser automated test in Farsi

See merge request !87
parents 43c60c05 48398032
......@@ -30,15 +30,15 @@ end
Then /^the Unsafe Browser works in all supported languages$/ do
failed = []
# We always want the locale which we verify the startup page warning
# for ...
languages = ['fr_FR.UTF-8']
# ... then we just pick two *other* random locales.
languages += (supported_torbrowser_languages - languages).sample(2)
# for, and one RTL locale ...
languages = ['fr_FR.UTF-8', 'fa_IR.UTF-8']
# ... then we just pick one *other* random locale.
languages += (supported_torbrowser_languages - languages).sample(1)
languages.each do |lang|
step "I start the Unsafe Browser in the \"#{lang}\" locale"
step "the Unsafe Browser has started in the \"#{lang}\" locale"
rescue RuntimeError
rescue StandardError
failed << lang
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