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......@@ -208,18 +208,15 @@ Pros:
* Relatively cheap
* On-going cost for hosting a second server.
* Will require some research into cooling
Extra options:
* We could get a KVM over IP device to compensate for the lack of IPMI
* Or we could wait for a server board with TRX40 socket and IPMI support to enter the market
* The Threadripper 3960X has 24 cores at a 3.8Ghz base frequency. This easily meets our required 16 cores at ≥ 3.5 GHz base frequency.
* A board like the Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Xtreme can provide 256GB of DDR4 ECC memory and dual PCI-e 4.0 x8 1.6TB for storage.
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