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Combine steps

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......@@ -21,8 +21,7 @@ Feature: Icedove email client
Scenario: Adblock is not enabled within Icedove
Given I cancel setting up an email account
When I open Icedove's Add-ons Manager
Then the Add-ons Manager opens
When I click the extensions tab
And I click the extensions tab
Then I see that Adblock is not installed in Icedove
Scenario: Enigmail is configured to use the correct keyserver
......@@ -34,10 +34,6 @@ Then /^I open Icedove's Add-ons Manager$/ do
@screen.type("t", Sikuli::KeyModifier.ALT)
@screen.wait_and_click('IcedoveToolsMenuAddOns.png', 10)
Then /^the Add-ons Manager opens$/ do
next if @skip_steps_while_restoring_background
@screen.wait('MozillaAddonsManagerExtensions.png', 30)
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