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**Ticket:**: [[!tails_ticket 7161]]
**Ticket**: [[!tails_ticket 7161]]
The idea I had was to let the server(s) send a reduced list of hosts. Not
only it would allow to work-around Tor DNS limitations, but also to have
For an overview of the more general problem, see [[blueprint/replace_vagrant]].
For the detailed plans and things to evaluate in Docker, see [[!tails_ticket 7530]].
Random notes:
* Since Docker 0.9, the default execution environment is libcontainer,
instead of LXC. It now supports e.g. systemd-nspawn, libvirt-lxc,
libvirt-sandbox, qemu/kvm, in addition to LXC.
* Docker seems to support sharing a directory between the host and
a container, so on this front, we would not lose anything compared
to Vagrant.
* Docker supports Linux and OSX.
* According to
Docker comes with tools to automatically build a container from
source, version it, and upgrade it incrementally.
......@@ -75,4 +75,4 @@ Plan
* Short-term: fix the Vagrant situation for the most important
usecases ([[!tails_ticket 7526]])
* Mid-term: fix the situation for real, starting with evaluating
Docker ([[!tails_ticket 7527]])
Docker ([[!tails_ticket 7527]], [[blueprint/evaluate_Docker]])
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