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Sponsor S report: explain what the actual problem is.

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......@@ -45,9 +45,10 @@ XXX: explain the new timeline / postponed stuff
Unfortunately we also discovered that the autoconfig wizard of Icedove does
not always use the configured proxy. This means, that some traffic can leak.
However, in Tails we drop non-Tor traffic by default, but we think that
it's important to provide a patch for this bug and started to write a
This is not a security problem in Tails since we drop non-Tor
traffic by default, but for this very reason in breaks the
functionality of the autoconfig wizard in the context of Tails.
We started to write a proof-of-concept patch to fix this bug.
In order to make our improvements maintainable we've got
in touch with the Debian Icedove packaging team and written manual tests for
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