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Add release notes and security notice for Tails 1.6.

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## Upgrades and changes
- Upgrade *Tor Browser* to version 5.0.3 (based on
Firefox 38.3.0esr).
- Upgrade *I2P* to version 0.9.22 and enable its AppArmor profile.
There are numerous other changes that might not be apparent in the daily
operation of a typical user. Technical details of all the changes
are listed in the [Changelog](
## Fixed problems
- Fix several issues related to *MAC address spoofing*:
* If MAC address spoofing fails for some network interface *and*
it cannot be disabled afterwards, networking should now be
completely disabled.
* If MAC address spoofing causes network issues (e.g. due to the
access point blocking all but whitelisted MAC addresses) a
notification should now be properly displayed.
[[!meta date="Tue Sep 22 12:34:56 2015"]]
[[!meta title="Tails 1.6 is out"]]
[[!tag announce]]
Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 1.6, is out.
This release fixes [[numerous security
issues|security/Numerous_security_holes_in_1.5.1]] and all users must
[[upgrade|doc/first_steps/upgrade]] as soon as possible.
[[!toc levels=1]]
# Changes
[[!inline pages="inc/release_notes/1.6" raw="yes"]]
# Known issues
See the current list of [[known issues|support/known_issues]].
# Download or upgrade
Go to the [[download]] page.
# What's coming up?
The next Tails release is [[scheduled|contribute/calendar]] for
November 3.
Have a look to our [[!tails_roadmap]] to see where we are heading to.
Do you want to help? There are many ways [[**you** can
contribute to Tails|contribute]], for
example by [[donating|contribute/how/donate]]. If you want to help, come talk
to us!
[[!meta date="Sun Sep 20 01:02:03 2015"]]
[[!meta title="Numerous security holes in Tails 1.5.1"]]
[[!tag security/fixed]]
Several security holes that affect Tails 1.5.1 are now fixed in
Tails 1.6.
We **strongly** encourage you to [[upgrade to
Tails 1.6|news/version_1.6]] as soon as possible.
- Tor Browser: MFSA:s not announced yet.
- bind9: [[!debsa2015 3350]]
- liblcms1: [[!cve CVE-2013-4276]]
- libldap-2.4-2: [[!debsa2015 3356]]
- libslp1: [[!debsa2015 3353]]
- ssl-cert: [[!debbug 773815]]
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