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GitLab: document the "Start thread" alternative to "Comment" (Closes:...

GitLab: document the "Start thread" alternative to "Comment" (Closes: tails-team/gitlab-migration#15)
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......@@ -219,6 +219,16 @@ See [[contribute/working_together/document_progress]].
# How to request and provide input
## How to participate in discussions
You can comment on issues and merge requests.
Our [[contribute/working_together/code_of_conduct]] applies.
If you want to start a new discussion, please use _Start thread_ instead of
_Comment_: a thread can be marked as resolved, while a comment cannot.
This helps keeping track of which discussions have reached a conclusion,
and which ones are still pending.
## Requesting input from someone else
If you need input from someone else on an issue or merge request,
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