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[[Read more on Tails amnesia|amnesia]]
State of the art cryptographic tools
Tails also comes with a selection of tools to protect your data using strong
- Encrypt your USB sticks or external hard-disks using <span
class="definition">[[!wikipedia LUKS]]</span>, the Linux standard for
- Automatically encrypt with HTTPS all your communications to a number of
major websites using [HTTPS
Everywhere](, a Firefox extension
developped by the [Electronic Frontier Foundation](
- Encrypt and sign your emails and documents, using the *de facto* standard
<span class="definition">[[!wikipedia OpenPGP]]</span> either from Tails
browser with FireGPG, or Tails email client or file browser.
- Protect your instant messaging conversations using <span
class="definition">[[!wikipedia Off-the-Record_Messaging
desc="OTR"]]</span>, a cryptographic tool that provides encryption,
authentication and deniability.
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