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......@@ -188,14 +188,13 @@ share it without restriction.</strong>
<h1 class="bullet-number-four">Burn a CD or install onto a USB stick</h1>
<p>Every ISO image we ship can be either burn on a CD or installed onto a USB stick.</p>
<h2>Burning a CD</h2>
<li>CDs are read-only so your Tails can't be altered by a virus or an
<li>CDs are cheap but you will need to burn a new CD each time you
will update your Tails version (hint: CD-RW).</li>
will update your Tails version.</li>
<li>You could also use a CD-RW but those are not read-only.</li>
<p>For detailed instructions on how to burn an ISO image under Linux,
......@@ -214,6 +213,8 @@ share it without restriction.</strong>
<li>An attacker with physical access to your USB stick or through a
virus could alter your Tails.</li>
<li>USB sticks can be reused across Tails versions.</li>
<li>You can store documents in the space left on the USB stick and
use persistence.</li>
<li>USB sticks are smaller to fit in your pocket.</li>
<li>Older computers might not be able to start from a USB stick.</li>
<li>This technique also works for <span
......@@ -222,15 +223,8 @@ share it without restriction.</strong>
being altered.</li>
<li>[[Instructions for Linux|doc/installing_onto_a_usb_stick/linux]]</li>
<li>[[Instructions for Windows|doc/installing_onto_a_usb_stick/windows]]</li>
<li>[[Instructions for Mac|doc/installing_onto_a_usb_stick/mac]]</li>
<p><strong>FIXME:</strong> mention Intel-based Mac users
sometimes need to upgrade their firmware to get the keyboard
working in the syslinux boot menu.</p>
<p>[[See the corresponding
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