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Mention end-to-end encryption (#17733)

For example, Tor Browser has HTTPS Everywhere and Thunderbird only
allows TLS transports.

- I'm using passive voice on purpose, because the hidden subject could
  be many (Tor Browser, Tails, Thunderbird, etc.)
- I'm using 'its content' because I couldn't find anything better that
  would make it worth being more verbose.
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......@@ -199,6 +199,8 @@
you are going to.</li>
<li>This 3rd relay only knows where you are going to but not where
you are coming from.</li>
<li>The connection to the final destination is encrypted whenever
possible to prevent the 3rd relay from reading its content.</li>
<p class="medium">This way, Tor is <strong>secure by design</strong> even if a few
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