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Remove very old known issue

Since then we added proper support for UEFI so this might only be useful
if very rare cases and only applicable by a very small fraction of our
target audience.

The current description of symptoms and possibly affected hardware is
extremely vague so I'm afraid of leading to many innocent people into a
dead end with this section.
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Other issues
<a id="chainloading"></a>
Chainloading Tails from GRUB
Last updated: 2014-04-09
To workaround problems in booting Tails on laptops with UEFI support, it is
possible to chainload the syslinux on the ISO image from another boot loader
that is already working on the laptop, like GRUB. Be careful not to modify at
all the options of syslinux in the process.
The following commands, run from the GRUB shell, might be helpful:
set root=(hd1)
chainloader +1
Boot Loader Menu has display issues
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