Commit 7993030c authored by intrigeri's avatar intrigeri

Test suite: update printing test for Tor Browser 8 GUI (refs: #15023)

It now uses the system GTK3 dialog.
parent a1af7a5c
......@@ -780,9 +780,13 @@ When /^I can print the current page as "([^"]+[.]pdf)" to the (default downloads
@screen.type("p", Sikuli::KeyModifier.CTRL)
print_dialog = @torbrowser.child('Print', roleName: 'dialog')
print_dialog.child('Print to File', 'table cell').click
entry = print_dialog.child(roleName: 'text')
assert_equal('output.pdf', entry.text, "Failed to find the text entry")
entry.text = output_dir + '/' + output_file
print_dialog.child('~/Tor Browser/output.pdf', roleName: 'push button').click()
@screen.wait("Gtk3PrintFileDialog.png", 10)
# Only the file's basename is selected when the file selector dialog opens,
# so we type only the desired file's basename to replace it
$vm.set_clipboard(output_dir + '/' + output_file.sub(/[.]pdf$/, ''))
@screen.type('v', Sikuli::KeyModifier.CTRL)
try_for(30, :msg => "The page was not printed to #{output_dir}/#{output_file}") {
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