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Add a children() helper that roughly translates to findChildren().

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......@@ -154,6 +154,37 @@ module Dogtail
# Equivalent to the Tree API's Node.findChildren(), with the
# arguments constructing a GenericPredicate to use as parameter.
def children(*args)
# A fundamental assumption of ScriptProxy is that we will only
# act on *one* object at a time. If we were to allow more, we'd
# have to port looping, conditionals and much more into our
# script generation, which is insane.
# However, since references are lost between script runs (=
# we need to be a bit tricky here. We use the
# internal a11y AT-SPI "path" to uniquely identify a Dogtail
# node, so we can give handles to each of them that can be used
# later to re-find them.
find_paths_script_lines = [
"from dogtail import predicate",
"for n in #{build_line}.findChildren(predicate.GenericPredicate(#{self.class.args_to_s(args)})):",
" print(n.path)",
a11y_at_spi_paths = run(find_paths_script_lines).stdout.chomp.split("\n") do |path|
more_init_lines = [
"from dogtail import predicate",
"node = None",
"for n in #{build_line}.findChildren(predicate.GenericPredicate()):",
" if str(n.path) == '#{path}':",
" node = n",
" break",
] + more_init_lines, ['node'], @opts)
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