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Point to documentation about creating OpenPGP keys

This scenario will be advertised as "using the command line and GnuPG"
which should filter out people quite a bit. So people actually opening
this page could be interested in learning how to do this.
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......@@ -10,8 +10,18 @@ Verify the Tails signing key
In this step, you will download and verify the <em>Tails signing
key</em> which is the OpenPGP key that is used to cryptographically sign
the Tails ISO image. To follow these instructions you need to have an
OpenPGP key yourself.
the Tails ISO image.
<div class="note">
<p>To follow these instructions you need to have your own OpenPGP
<p>To learn how to create yourself an OpenPGP key, see
<a href="">Managing
OpenPGP Keys</a> by Riseup.</p>
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