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## B.3 Write automated tests
We wrote a number of automated tests to ensure we notice important
regressions in the _VeraCrypt_ support introduced in Tails 3.9.
We have specified the [high-level behavior in
then implemented the corresponding steps. All this work is now pending
our internal code review and should be merged by the end of October
([[!tails_ticket 14471]], [[!tails_ticket 14469]], [[!tails_ticket
15238]], [[!tails_ticket 15239]]).
## B.8 Fix bugs and UX issues
- We have investigated and fixed a regression introduced in Tails 3.9:
the _Persistence Configuration_ was displayed full screen in some
specific screen resolutions, which made the software harder to use.
([[!tails_ticket 15894]])
# C. Deliver new features
## C.1 Major release including objective A
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