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Added an I2P section to the test suite.

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......@@ -156,6 +156,24 @@ steps that are worth [[a dedicated page|test/erase_memory_on_shutdown]].
* `modinfo vboxguest` should work
* test in VirtualBox
# I2P
* Make sure that I2P is up-to-date, at least if the
[changelogs]( mention that
security critical bugs were fixed.
* Check that "Applications -> Internet -> I2P" works:
- You get the "Starting I2P..." pop-up.
- The router console opens in Iceweasel upon success.
- You get the "I2P failed to start" pop-up on failure (e.g. no
network so tordate failed).
* Check that I2P connects to the network:
- The numbers in the "Peers" section of the router console should be
- You should get "Network: Firewalled" in the "General" section
(implying that the I2P network is reachable but UDP is blocked).
* Check that you can reach some eepsites within Iceweasel, like
<http://www.i2p2.i2p> and <http://forum.i2p>.
# Misc
* Check that links to the online website (`Mirror:`) at the bottom of
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