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Test suite: adapt for Tails Installer 4.20.

Refs: #8859, #8860
parent f66c17af
......@@ -87,12 +87,9 @@ def tails_installer_match_status(pattern)
@installer.child('', roleName: 'text').text[pattern]
class UpgradeNotSupported < StandardError
When /^I start Tails Installer$/ do
step 'I run "export DEBUG=1 ; /usr/bin/tails-installer-launcher" in GNOME Terminal'
@installer ='tails-installer-launcher')
step 'I run "export DEBUG=1 ; /usr/bin/tails-installer" in GNOME Terminal'
@installer ='tails-installer')
@installer.child('Tails Installer', roleName: 'frame')
# Sometimes Dogtail will find the Installer and click its window
# before it is shown (searchShowingOnly is not perfect) which
......@@ -109,14 +106,6 @@ When /^I am told that the destination device (.*)$/ do |status|
When /^I am suggested to do a "Install by cloning"$/ do
try_for(10) do
/You should instead use "Install by cloning" to upgrade Tails/
Then /^a suitable USB device is (?:still )?not found$/ do
'No device suitable to install Tails could be found', roleName: 'label'
......@@ -135,9 +124,6 @@ end
When /^I (install|upgrade) Tails (?:to|on) USB drive "([^"]+)" (by cloning|from an ISO)$/ do |action, name, source|
step "I start Tails Installer"
if tails_installer_match_status(/It is impossible to upgrade the device .+ #{$vm.disk_dev(name)}\d* /)
raise UpgradeNotSupported
if source == 'from an ISO'
iso_radio = @installer.child('Use a downloaded Tails ISO image',
......@@ -166,16 +152,6 @@ When /^I (install|upgrade) Tails (?:to|on) USB drive "([^"]+)" (by cloning|from
When /^I fail to (.*)$/ do |step|
step "I #{step}"
rescue UpgradeNotSupported
# this is what we expect
raise "The USB installer should not succeed"
Given /^I plug and mount a USB drive containing the Tails ISO$/ do
iso_dir = share_host_files(TAILS_ISO)
@iso_path = "#{iso_dir}/#{File.basename(TAILS_ISO)}"
......@@ -90,9 +90,6 @@ Feature: Installing Tails to a USB drive
Then Tails is running from USB drive "isohybrid"
When I shutdown Tails and wait for the computer to power off
And I start Tails from DVD with network unplugged and I login
And I fail to upgrade Tails on USB drive "isohybrid" by cloning
Then I am suggested to do a "Install by cloning"
When I kill the process "tails-installer"
And I install Tails to USB drive "isohybrid" by cloning
Then the running Tails is installed on USB drive "isohybrid"
But there is no persistence partition on USB drive "isohybrid"
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