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Test suite: add a "Try cloning Tails to a too small partition" scenario (refs: #14622).

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......@@ -10,6 +10,14 @@ Feature: Upgrading an old Tails USB installation
# other. When editing this feature, make sure you understand these
# dependencies (which are documented below).
Scenario: Try cloning Tails to a too small partition
Given I have started Tails from DVD without network and logged in
And I temporarily create a 7200 MiB disk named "too-small-partition"
And I create a 500 MiB gpt partition labeled "Tails" with a vfat filesystem on disk "too-small-partition"
And I plug USB drive "too-small-partition"
When I start Tails Installer
Then I am told by Tails Installer that I "need to use a downloaded Tails ISO image"
Scenario: Installing an old version of Tails to a pristine USB drive
Given a computer
And the computer is set to boot from the old Tails DVD
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