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......@@ -48,6 +48,17 @@ can stop supporting them.
>> depending on what the kernel supports. See bellow for the current
>> state of our research.
# Implementation
The `feature/multikernel` branch installs three kernels (`-486`,
`-686-pae`, `-amd64`). Next steps:
- autoselect best kernel wrt. hardware support [[!tag todo/code]]
- avoid shipping every kernel twice (see
- [[!taglink todo/wait]] for a graphical [[todo/boot_menu]] to take
over the language choosing functionality.
# Resources
- <>
......@@ -93,5 +104,3 @@ The `ifcpu64.c32`
to provide the best of both worlds, allowing to do different things
for 64-bit hardware, 32-bit hardware with PAE support and 32-bit
hardware without PAE.
We should now [[!taglink todo/test]] this.
......@@ -36,11 +36,14 @@ The Linux kernel + initramfs are present twice in a Tails ISO: once in
the iso9660 filesystem, once inside the SquashFS. The former is
needed, but the latter is not.
live-build 3.x adds an option (commit 651c8aebd) to only copy over
kernel and initrd if `LB_LINUX_PACKAGES` doesn't equal `none`.
We could set `LB_LINUX_PACKAGES` to `none` and install the kernel
package ourselves with an early chroot local hook. It would be better
if live-build supported our usecase out of the box, though.
* `config/binary_rootfs/excludes` does not work, because the excluded
files are deleted before being copied to the binary fs.
* Something along the lines of
'boot/*'"`) does not work, due to [[!debbug 594968]].
=> we need to add an option to live-build that would allow us to
opt-in for "I don't want to ship the kernels and the rootfs".
files only needed at build time
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