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......@@ -324,6 +324,21 @@ How does the DNS resolution work in Tails?
See our [[design document|contribute/design/Tor_enforcement/DNS]] on this topic.
<a id="htp"></a>
Why does Tails automatically connect to several websites when starting?
Tor and I2P require the system clock to be well synchronized in order to work
properly. When starting Tails, a notification is displayed while the clock is
being synchronized.
This synchronization is made by sending HTTPS queries through Tor to severals
websites and deducing a correct time from their answers. The list of websites
that could be queried in this process can be found in `/etc/default/htpdate`.
See also our [[design document|contribute/design/Time_syncing]] on this topic.
<a id="software"></a>
Software not included in Tails
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