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Release process: drop obsolete step

The build_IUKs job is obsolete and unmaintained.
parent 00971c68
......@@ -1030,15 +1030,6 @@ Else, if this verification fails, then:
Else, if the parameters where correct, then follow the next steps.
2. As detailed in [[!tails_ticket 17658]], the `parallel_*_IUKs` jobs
are maintained manually instead of through `jenkins-job-builder`; it
might be that changes to the serial version (`build_IUKs`) weren't
reflected into the parallel version (`parallel_build_IUKs`). You
might want to try a build with the serial version before filing a
ticket (maybe for a single source version for a quick temperature
check, then for all of them if the first one matches your local
3. File an issue about this problem.
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