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removed discussed tickets, adding one for next time

parent a05e363b
......@@ -11,9 +11,5 @@ Availability and plans for the next weeks
- [[!tails_ticket 7779 desc="Revisit touchpad settings"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 8423 desc="Pidgin can't open my accounts with Persistence enabled in Read-only mode"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 8237 desc="Greeter revamp: Decide a language icon"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 8447 desc="Persistent data is not erased when persistence features are disabled"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 8443 desc="Adding a new printer requires administration password"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 8510 desc="Reconsider distributing a hybrid ISO image"]]
- [[!tails_ticket 8244 desc="Greeter revamp: Decide if we want to keep the wording "Quick setup""]]
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