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Don't rely on perl to sleep a random amount of time in the mirror's crontab

See merge request !19
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......@@ -197,7 +197,7 @@ Use `cron` or equivalent to schedule the same `rsync` command
as above. For example, you can create a file in `/etc/cron.d/` with
this content:
0 * * * * root sleep $(perl -E 'print int(rand(2400))') && flock -n /var/run/lock/tails-mirror-rsync rsync -rt --delete /var/www/YOUR_PATH/
0 * * * * root sleep $(shuf --input-range=0-2400 --head-count=1) && flock -n /var/run/lock/tails-mirror-rsync rsync -rt --delete /var/www/YOUR_PATH/
You can now [[ask for your mirror to be added to the pool|mirror#http-pool]].
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