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Better document current sysadmin team ticket management (Closes: #16854).

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......@@ -115,8 +115,14 @@ Tails system administrators have write access to the puppetmasters, and can log
the hosts.
They read the <> encrypted mailing list.
We use Redmine tickets for public discussion and tasks management:
We use [[!tails_redmine desc="Redmine"]] tickets for public discussion
and tasks management:
* To bring a ticket to the attention of system administrators,
assign it to the _Sysadmins_ group. You'll find it at the end
of the list of possible assignees.
* [tickets that should be taken care of as part of sysadmin shifts](
* [tickets that are on the sysadmin team's roadmap](
* [tasks requiring *Sysadmin*
* [tasks belonging to the *Infrastructure*
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