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Update sysadmin role for 2018+ (refs: #12710).

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......@@ -66,17 +66,18 @@ for example:
* keep backups up-to-date
* keep Jenkins plugins up-to-date, by upgrading any plugin that satisfies
at least one of these conditions:
- only brings security fixes
- brings security fixes
- fixes bugs we're affected by
- brings new feature we are interested in, without breaking the ones we rely on
- is needed to upgrade another plugin that we want to upgrade
- is required by a system upgrade (e.g. of the Jenkins packages)
* report bugs identified in Jenkins plugins after they have been upgraded (both
on the upstream bug tracker and on our own one)
* act as the de facto interface between Tails and the servers hosting
* act as the de facto interface between Tails and the people hosting
our services (, for non-trivial requests
* when a sysadmin shift includes the beginning of a yearly quarter, ensure that
sysadmin shifts are filled and agreed on for the next two quarters
* quarterly: self-evaluate our work and report to the -summit@ mailing list
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